Wimsey's Pedigree
MACh2 Trolleycar As Wimsey Takes Me
Am/Can Ch Jayba's Golden Cadillac OS, SDHF
WR Miramichi Trolleycar To Bijou CDX, SH, MX, MXJ, WCX, VCX, OD, TDI
December 5, 1995 - March 2007
Wimsey and her kitty friends; December 2006, the house is under construction.
Wimsey posing after earning her MACh
Even after her amputation, Wimsey could do all of the obstacles.
Strether left /  Wimsey right, sleeping after her surgery.
Wimsey earned her Mach2 in Las Vegas!
Field training at Lake Elizabeth
Wimsey age 12 weeks
At the GRCA National Specialty in Ohio
The only thing Wimsey liked about the table was leaping off!
Wimsey was the little red puppy I never intended to keep.  But I did.  She was the smartest dog I have ever owned.  Her wheels weren't just turning, they were in high gear!  She could open doors and gates and knew that she did not have to do something just because you said so.  The first time she saw agility equipment, the look on her face said, "They built this just for me?!" When Wimsey was three and a half years old, she developed a small spindal cell carsanoma in her right front leg.  She received surgery and  radiation treatment and continued to enjoy life and compete in agility for six more years.  Then she started limping.  The radiation treatment had caused her to get bone cancer.  Her leg was amputated and within an hour of her surgery she was up and walking on three legs.  The next day when I let her outside, she happily hopped thru the weave poles.  As she gained prowess, I let her do whatever obstacles she wanted and eventually she was able to do them all.  Wimsey was never able to compete in agility on three legs (it is against the rules) but she was a proud member of the GRCGLA Top Dog Obedience Team in 2006! Unfortunately, the cancer spread and Wimsey was the first of the literary litter to pass away at age 11.  Wimsey was the sweetest dog in the world.  Her last job was to raise Guenevere.  People called her, Guen's personal chew toy.  But what I see is that like Wimsey, Guenevere's wheels turn.
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