MACh Miramichi Trolleycar Special
Am/Can Ch Jayba's Golden Cadillac OS, SDHF
WR Miramichi Trolleycar To Bijou CDX, SH, MX, MXJ, WCX, VCX, OD, TDI (pointed)
December 5, 1995 - July 12, 2010
Shelby's Pedigree
Shelby and Wimsey w/ ribbons for the 1999 AKC National Agility Championships: Shelby finished 10th overall in the 24" division
Shelby and her friend Amelia
Shelby, age 12 weeks, with her daddy, Turk.
shelby, five weeks.
Shelby earned her Rally Novice title at 11 3/4 years.
Kate Moureaux, running Shelby.
Shelby came back to me at seven months of age because she wasn't quite the conformation girl we had hoped.  Originally, I was going to find a home for her but she suffered a series of injuries that required care, was diagnosed with mild SAS and eventually I just couldn't part with her.  Because of her injuries she was barely able to train with the rest of the pack, but Shelby was an idiot savant in the field.  She just went to the tests and earned her JH, WC and WCX like there was nothing to it.  Agility was another matter.  She looked at the equipment as if to say, "What is the point to this?  I do not see any birds anywhere."  So, Shelby did agility but to her own tune.  She could be the fastest dog I owned, or the slowest.  She won High Agility Golden at the Western Regional in 1999. And with Kate Moreaux showing her in JWW, she finished 10th in the 24 inch division at the 1999 AKC Agility Championship in Denver, Colorado.  Many thanks to trainer Kirsten Cole who finished Shelby's Mach.  Shelby came out of retirement to earn her Rally Novice title at age 11 but was happy to get back to couch potato status.  She loved to sleep, eat and squeak the daylights out of stuffed animals.
Shelby proves that Goldens have opposable thumbs!  (Her left paw is wrapped around the edge of the teeter, hold on!)
Shelby wins High Agility Golden at the GRCA Western Regional!
Trainer, Kirsten Cole, finishes Shelby's Mach!
At age 12, Shelby was diagnosed with Uveitis in the left eye.  Shelby's case is mild and treated with eye drops.  Unfortunately, this disease can lead to glacoma and or blindness.  In severe cases, it is neccesary to remove the affected eye.
Click here to read more about Uveitis. 
At age 14 1/2 Shelby suddenly collapsed.  An Xray revealed cancer had metastisized to her lungs and chest area.  2 1/2 months earlier her xrays had been completely clear and a few weeks earlier an ultrasound of her spleen and liver was clear.  Shelby was put on prednisone and piraxicam and enjoyed another three weeks.  Suddenly she collapsed several times over the weekend and then refused to eat.  She was euthanized on Monday morning and several tissue samples were sent to Dr. Modiano for research.
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