I am Miki Shannon. My first dog was a Border Collie named Trolleycar. My sister rescued her from a local shelter, but when she got married, gave her to me. I desperately wanted to show Trolleycar, but at the time Border Collies were not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

When Trolleycar died, I decided that I wanted a breed that I could show primarily in obedience. All recommendations led to the Golden Retriever. "This breed can learn to do anything," I was told! In 1975, I was lucky enough to get my first Golden Retriever from a reputable breeder who had recently won a Best In Show (BIS). Not only did they educate me in general with regard to Goldens, but they also introduced me to field and the natural instincts of the breed.
Brandy was the perfect dog for a newbie. Not only was she easy to train, but she lived to be nearly 17 years old. While Brandy was over standard, and therefore unable to show in conformation, she was a beautiful, well structured dog who loved to work. Because of Brandy, I have always thought that's what all Goldens should be: multi purpose.

Since Brandy, I have owned many Goldens, putting titles on them in all performance venues as well as putting points on a dog owner/handled. While I personally prefer competing in Agility, I continue to enjoy all venues. I strongly believe that it is important to keep the retriever in the golden. Therefore, I am an AKC hunt test judge, approved to judge Junior and Senior, and I love nothing more than to watch the swing of that nose!

From all of my experience in Goldens, first and foremost, I believe in the betterment of the breed. As part of my commitment, I volunteer with the local Golden Retriever club, am a past member of our board of directors, as well as a past President of our local club and it's rescue. I also played an important role in bringing our rescue to its present 501c3 status.

In real life, I am a telecine operator and film technician for a company that restores and preserves old films. And now you know where I come up with the names of my dogs!
Bijou's children and grandchild: (L to R) Dale, Shelby, Strether, Clem, Stella
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