Dashiell's Pedigree
Miramichi TC Dashiell Hammett
Am/Can Ch Miramichi's Pier Connection OS
Ch Miramichi Kai-Leah O.D.

July 16, 1988 - December 31, 1991
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Dashiell, reserve winners dog, simi valley kennel club, owner handled
Dashiell, 10 weeks old.
Dashiel won the 9-12 month class in sweeps and regular classes at our GRCGLA Specialty.
The kong is under the water!
We have the kong!
The kong is floating up!
Chuck and Dashiell.
Dashiell was the prettiest Golden I have owned.  If I was a better handler and if his life wasn't cut so short I think he could have been a champion.  He had a beautiful front assembly and you could set a table on his top line.  He was not high drive and yet he was naturally muscular.  Dashiell and Bogart taught me that two intact males, six months apart in age, could be best buddies.  Dashiell loved my swimming pool.  I had to put in a fence to keep him from sunbathing on the steps 24/7.  His favorite thing to do was float on an air mattress.  If you insisted he play retrieving games he would jump on the air mattress, float to the bumper, pick it up and wait on the air mattress for you to come to him.  He and Bogart never tired of playing the kong game.  They would drop the kong in the water, put their heads under the water and wait for the kong to float back up, poise to see who could get it first and then with both holding on bring it back to start all over again.  Dashiell started having severe seisures when he was three years old.  The vets at Iowa State University saved him for a time but when we tried to wean him off prednisone he quickly relapsed and died the morning of New Years Eve.  The necropsy said he had leptomenengitis of unknown causes.  Bogart never got over losing his best friend.
Why swim when you can float?
Dashiell finishes his CD!
Dashiell, Reserve Winners Dog, Nick Hammond Judge.