The Cats of Trolleycar:
Truman and Harper as kittens
Guenevere loves the cats and they love her!
    Their beginning... One day I noticed that the local feral cats seemed to have lost their food source. In particular, one grey tiger girl was imploring me to please feed her. I put some food out and within days I counted 14 cats chowing down! This required assistance! I called my Vet because I knew he had a foundation for assisting with the spay/neuter of feral cats. I borrowed traps and quickly trapped every cat, then took them into be altered.
     In the process, the grey tiger, who I named Holly, brought me her three kittens and the reason she was so hungry!  The three kitties, Truman, Harper, and Seymour, grew up inside while several of the ferals continue to live in my yard, keeping the area rodent free! 
     Truman and Harper now live in their new home in Escondido with Chuck and Naomi.  Seymour misses them, but enjoys being the top cat in the house and has no desire to go outside with his relatives.
     If you are interested in getting help with or learning more about feral cats, please visit:
Feral Cats: Top to Bottom, L to R, Boo, Brock, Audrey, Foote, Holly, Miss Jones, Toaster, Gregory Morris and Tiffany
Harper on the sofa right before she left for her new life in Escondido
Harper in her favorite spot atop the cat tree.
Truman is a bad kitty!
Seymour is slightly feral but has no desire to live outside!
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