Brandy's Pedigree
Deirdre's TC Brandybrook

Am/Can Ch Deirdre's Fionn Or of Bran
Am/Can Ch San Barr's Niamh Cinn Or I B OD
8/3/1975 - 1992
Brandy finishes her Utility title!
Brandy at Rocky Mountain National Park.  My favorite picture.
Brandy never liked puppies and she seems to be thinking, "Just one little push!"
Brandy was my first Golden Retriever.  She was smart and biddable.  Perfect for a newbie.  By the age of six months I had taught her to sit stay while I threw a triple with home made bumpers.  She easily earned her WC and WCX.  She was the best hunting partner for upland game.  Once when I shot a pheasant that took off running but crippled, Brandy took off in pursuit and was gone a good five minutes before triumphantly returning with the wounded bird.  Brandy was my first obedience dog and earned her UD at age 9 in only six attempts.  She was my first and only dog to earn a tracking title.  But her signature trait was learning whatever stupid trick I got it into my head to teach her.  She could flip any object balanced on her nose and catch it in her mouth. I even taught Brandy to balance my pet mouse, Eve Marie Saint, on her nose.  Brandy did get confused and flip her once, but no harm came to Saint!  Brandy starred in a movie I made in college and worked in commercials and television when we moved to Los Angeles.  Brandy lived to be almost 17 and was the oldest Golden in the parade at two GRCA National Specialties.  In her long life, Brandy barked less than ten times.  She was a truly confident alpha bitch who seemed to think that speaking out loud was beneath her. I will always hold her memory in my heart.  I still see her lying in her favorite place on my bedroom floor.
This was only one of the ridiculous costumes she had to wear!
Brandy earns a second place on the way to her utility title! (Who is that young girl?)
That is a big pheasant! 
Brandy and Saint
Saint and Orson "show" Brandy!  Winner of the fanciest trick at the Iowa City Golden Retriever Fun Match!
Brandy and her bladder stone! Yes, that's what it is!
Brandy and a homegrown tomato.
Brandy earns her tracking title!
Brandy, age 12 weeks.
This picture of Brandy, age 12 and Bogart as a puppy, was printed in the AKC gazette.  I always liked the picture to the right better:)
Brandy in her costume for the movie "Murder Is Golden"
Merry Christmas from Orson, Saint and Brandy!
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