Trolleycar's Recent Show Brags
1/31-2/1/09 (Portugese Water Dog Club): Dale Q'd twice in JWW and Guenevere Q'd twice in Standard.
1/24-25/09 (DACV):
Guenevere earned Double Q number 13 and a 2nd place in standard.  Dale earned a Double Q with a second place in standard and a JWW leg with a 3rd place.
1/1-4/09 (Cocker Spaniel Club):
Guenevere earned double q number 12.  Dale q'd 3 days in std.
12/6-7/08 (Valley Hills Obedience Club):
Dale q'd in Agility JWW, finished her Companion Dog title in Obedience and finished her Rally Excellent Obedience title with a fourth place.  Guenevere q'd in Agility STD and finished her Rally Advanced Obedience title (saturday).  Dale double q'd in agility.  Guen q'd in Agility JWW and earned her first Rally Excellent leg with a third place (sunday).
11/29-12/1/08 (Portugese Water Dog Club) Dale q'd in JWW (friday) and double q'd (sunday) and Guenevere was 3 for 4 with a Double Q (Saturday).
11/2/08 (Antelope Valley Club):
Dale earned a Double Q with a 4th place in Std.
11/1/08 (San Gabriel Valley Club): Dale earned a Double Q.
10/31/08 (GRCGLA Specialty)
: Dale won the 10-12 Veteran Bitch Sweeps class and the 10-12 Regular Veteran Bitch class.  Dale earned her second Rally Excellent leg with a first place.  Strether was first in the 12 and over Veteran Dog Sweeps class and the 12 and over Regular Veteran Dog class.
10/18-19/08 (Sammoyed Club): Dale went five for six with two double Q's and a third place in standard.
9/6-7/08 (West Coast Cocker Spaniel Club
): Dale earned two double Q's with two 3rd places!
8/30-31/08, 9/1/08 (Golden Retriever Club of Greater LA
): MACh4 Trolleycar's Pistol Packin' Mama RA, MXF, JH, WC, ADHF, TDI went six for six at the GRCGLA Labor Day Agility trial with two firsts and a second place in standard, and a second and two third places in jumpers w/ weaves. Dale was High Excellent Golden in Trial.
8/23-24/08 (Santa Barbara Kennel Clu
b): Dale Q'd (Saturday) and placed 3rd (Sunday) in Novice Obedience; Dale finished her Rally Advanced title with 4th place (Saturday) and earned her first Rally Excellent leg with a 3rd (Sunday); Guenevere placed 2nd in Rally Advanced (Saturday) and Q'd (Sunday)
8/16-17/08 (Keeshond Club of SoCal
): Dale placed 3rd in 24" Ex B Standard and Guen Q'd in 20" Ex B Standard
Dauninge Happy Evr Aftr At Trolleycar RN, MX, MXJ, OF, CGC (Aug 2008 at Santa Barbara KC)
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Dale and Miki winning HIT Excellent Golden at the 2008 Labor Day GRCGLA trial
Dale with her and Strether's ribbons, GRCGLA Vet wins, 2nd RE leg, two DQ's with a 4th place in Std