Bogart's Pedigree
WR Golden Rule TC Humphrey Bogart

Ch Goldwing Blues Boy UD, WC, VCX, OS, SDHF
Am/Mex Ch Golden Rule's Annabel Lee CD, WC
This picture of Bogart won the portrait category for the 1996 GRCA Calendar
     Bogart was my third Golden Retriever.  I purchased him from Golden Rule Kennel.  At the time, both of his parents were in my training group and I loved their combination of beauty and trainability.  Bogart was great in obedience (a member of our GRCGLA winning Top Dog team), excelled in the field, (taking after his grandmother) and in limited showing earned a fourth place in a large American Bred class at the 1989 GRCA National Specialty. Unfortunately, Bogart was mildly dysplastic and had to be retired from obedience.  He was a great communicator and explained to every new rescue dog the rules of the house and yard.  At the suggestion of my boss, Bogart was the first dog that I brought to work with me as protection on the night shift.  He was the only one of my Goldens who took the job seriously!  Then at age 5, he was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma.  Bogart underwent chemotherapy treatments by Mona Rosenberg and lived just past his seventh birthday.  He never lost his zest for life and continued to compete in field events. 
Bogart was featured in three GRCA calendars.
This picture won the portrait category for the 1994 GRCA calendar.
Puppy Bogart
Bogart's baby picture!
Bogart earned several placements enroute to his CD.
AA Poem for Bogart

A man I used to know
Once said to me...
A man I used to know
Who drank eighteen beers of a morning
Who trained Labradors in the field
Who I cannot remember his name
except we all called him the bird man
Once said to me...
"If you can train a golden to work in the field
You won't have a golden.
You know what you'll have?
You know what you'll have!
You won't have a golden,
You'll have a gold mine!"
Well, Bogart
Go Bart, (as young Bobby called him)
Mr. Humphrey Bogart
Mr. Trouble,
For A Swamp Collie,
You sure did like those birds.
If I were to see the man again
I would say...
Gold doesn't sleep by your bed at night
Or wonder why you're crying
Gold doesn't follow every move you make
or growl at strangers
Gold doesn't run like the wind
Or have a never ending smile
Gold doesn't sparkle inside your heart.
If I were to see the man again
I would say,
"Keep the gold
I'd just like my dog."
Waiting in the blind, always stressful for Mr. Trouble.
A group photo at a Nahra event in AZ.
Hunting in Iowa on a cold, snowy day.
Swimming back with the duck, happy now!
This picture of Bogart as a puppy was in the GRCA Calendar.
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